Special services in the Kleve practice

In our practice in Kleve we have a few special services for our patients that are not generally found at other dentists. For example, we have our own operating room where we are able to conduct complex treatments and ones needing a longer general anaesthetic that meet all the latest standards.

Our patients are scrupulously monitored the whole time during the operation by our anaesthetist and cared for lovingly both beforehand and afterwards. Phobic patients in particular are very appreciative of being able to have a general anaesthetic so that they do not have to consciously endure the ordeal of having an operation.

Another special service is our digital cone beam computed tomography scanner. Our CBCT provides a three-dimensional imaging of the mouth, jaw and facial area. It makes our work as dentists much easier and you, the patient, are not exposed to any unnecessary high levels of radiation. Specialists from other fields also make use of our CBCT images.

We have also set up a special area for children – our “KidsClub” – where everything is colourful and bright and perfect for our younger patients. The little ones can learn about proper tooth care and the right way to use a tooth brush, dental floss etc in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.